Biodiversity conservation : the present challenges and the need for better strategies


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Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

                                                       (Chief Seattle)

The variety and variability of life forms is the fascinating factor exclusive to the earth. Our earth, rightly called the hub of diversity supports an enormous web of various life forms, in which man is also a ‘strand’. It is this diversity (or, more properly, biodiversity) which is responsible for maintaining the stability of our ecosystems. However, in the present scenario, growing covetousness and greed of man is causing havocs to many species on earth, ultimately wiping them off from the planet. This loss is manifested in the form of instability of our ecosystems, today. Loss of biodiversity and unstable ecosystems threaten even our own existence to a certain extent. The fact more terrifying than this, is that, over the past few centuries, rate of biodiversity-loss has increased more than normal background extinction rates. Yes. We are on the verge of yet another mass extinction. So, there is an urgent need for societies throughout the world, to make concerted efforts for effective biodiversity conservation and management.

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Welcome to the world of ‘DIVERSITAS’

Diversity among living organisms have always been a great WONDER for all of us. It is this diversity, that makes earth the most splendid abode in the universe. Realizing the fact that we are only a part of the enormous web of life on earth, makes us humble. Preserving the rich heritage of diversity is a very crucial task before us, as natives of this planet, and this can be made possible only if we have sufficient understanding on varied aspects. EXPLORING DIVERSITAS is an attempt, to explore the amazing world of biological diversity, through multiple perspectives.Through this platform, I would like to share latest news stories on biodiversity and my views and opinions on biodiversity conservation and management. I hope that this platform would act as an effective tool in enabling one to look at biodiversity and related issues, with deep interest.